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About FCB Bitopi

Always adapting to change and embracing the new, Bitopi presents with another new face in its 50th year. Merged with the global agency Foote Cone and Belding (FCB), Bitopi is part of a large conglomerate with 150 offices in 90 countries and growing.

We look forward to offer new facets to the Bangladeshi market and serve our clients better through this true partnership with FCB with whom we will grow and learn. The values that FCB upholds resonate deeply with the principles that we hold dear at Bitopi and in this new partnership, we feel braver and stronger to take on new challenges as we join hands to make change happen.

We believe in borderlessness at Bitopi. Thus, merging with FCB’s never ending journey, we proudly say, “We are open, borderless. We are FCB/Bitopi.”

Bitopi was founded by a visionary named Reza Ali in 1968 and this advertising agency, predating Bangladesh, has gone on to become a trailblazer and trendsetter. Bitopi has since marked many firsts shaping the advertisement landscape in Bangladesh and sprouting new companies across industries from export oriented garment factories to marketing consultancy.

Bitopi, which means a large tree with lots of shade, has grown over the decades serving every sector and category of products that have been in Bangladesh. This agency has literally groomed most of the leaders of the advertisement industry. Former Bitopians not control the entire advertisement industry of Bangladesh making this agency the defacto womb of advertising.

Bitopi worked on many iconic brands like Raja, Maya and Orsaline – which were connected to development markers in the 80’s. When it came to products like condoms, contraceptives or rehydration salines, Bitopi ran both brand promotion and behavior change campaigns at the same time.

The campaign for Raja condom, has actually become a Harvard case study because of its success. Bitopi’s campaigns dared to challenge gender stereotypes with a wife slapping her husband for an advertisement of an aerosol spray. Bitopi was behind one of the largest campaigns of mobile telecoms. Djuice, targeted the youth of the country and Bitopi’s campaign connected with them so well that this new product became an overnight sensation. ‘Djuice’ became a byword for youthful funk.

Bitopi’s journey has been long but it has also been memorable. Not for the accolades and awards, but more because of the sense of accomplishment that comes from integrity and conviction. We truly believe in what we do. And we only because we believe. That is what drives us forward.


At FCB Bitopi, we believe the best part of a brand’s story is never finished. The part that always asks what can we do better. And always wonders what’s next. What’s out there. What’s waiting to be discovered. And it’s not just the story of a brand or an idea. It’s the story of all of us. Always moving forward. Always looking back. Always a work in progress.


It begins with a belief—every successful brand has a purpose. Find it. Know it. Live it. Find it by interrogating the past. Know it by understanding the present. Live it by anticipating the future. When a brand’s roots are strong, when they touch bedrock, there is no reason to fear the winds of change.


Yes, get people's attention. Yes, make them think, feel, emote. And then move them to do something. To act, to change, to go from here to there. Open the door to your brand and welcome the world in. Give them cause to wonder, and give them a reason to come back. That’s the circle of brand life. Done well, it's a circle without end.


Our philosophy? We are in this together. The success of any one of us is the success of all of us. It is important to create relationships, spaces and situations where we can make brave choices, our partners can make brave decisions, and together we can make brave, Never Finished work.

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We devise savvy media plans and execute them seamlessly to maximise reach and return on investment.


We constantly innovate to bring in creativity that changes human behaviour


We design campaigns geared towards driving engagement and transforming that into business leads.


Whether a television commercial, an engaging audiovisual or a rich podcast, we have the capability to deliver all kinds of content at scale.


Our versatile designs can adapt to any journey in any media space with unmatched user experience.


We formulate effective strategy to position your brand in the right way, with the right content, targeting the right audience, at the right time.


Bitopi prides itself in having the most talented minds of the field. After all, as a service provider we are only as good as our people.